Counsel on Call

What's Counsel on Call?

It's a legal subscription program that gets a lawyer involved in the day to day life of your business. We'll proactively identify risks and come up with a plan to manage them before they turn into costly headaches. You'll have the advantage of consulting with us on issues as they arise, without worrying about the cost. 

What's included?

All for $99

a month
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Why should I subscribe?

An expert on your side. We know you're great at what you do. So are we! Our experience is that businesses save money and avoid mistakes when they get legal advice early and often. 

Transparent and fixed pricing. Don't fear being billed for every minute on the phone. Call us whenever you need to.

A better starting point than Google. Don't waste your time sifting through thousands of search results of questionable quality and relevance. Our legal templates are made for use in British Columbia, and a quick phone call can often answer the question that's been bugging you.

Learn as you go. Overwhelmed by all the things you need to know in running a business? Our resource library provides important information for running your business in compliance with regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are consultations and how do they work?

They're 20 minute meetings or calls to answer new questions or deal with new issues. When something comes up, schedule a call using the link in the portal or on the website. We'll give advice that answers your questions or sets out a roadmap (including a clear price) to address your issue.  

Are they unlimited?

Yes, but we reserve the right to cut you off if cosultations are scheduled about the same matter after we've given you a plan and a price to address it.

What’s the best way to a consultation?

Schedule the meeting or call online, and send us a copy of any documents you hope to refer to in the meeting.

What types of legal documents and policies are included in Counsel on Call?

Our library is growing all the time, but you can expect to find employment agreements, releases, demand letters, a power of attorney, website terms of service and privacy policy, loan agreements, confidentiality agreements, workplace policies, and more.

Will you help us to customize documents in the Counsel on Call database?

A basic review of any documents you generate is included in the subscription price. We'll spot typos, tweak wording you've inserted, and explain how to use the document. If you require custom terms or conditions, you'll need to purchase a "document customization" from the flat fee menu.

Someone's given me a contract to sign. Will you review it?

If the document can be both reviewed and explained in a 20 minute meeting, then sure! If not, you'll need to purchase a "complex document review" from the flat fee menu.

Isn't it better to wait to join until I have a legal issue?

This program is meant to be preventative. We hope to identify issues before they come up to prevent them from becoming problems. 

Are all my legal issues covered by Counsel on Call?

This program is meant to provide a basic backstop to your business, and not all legal work is included. We offer preferential pricing and clear quotes on other work so there's no suprises.

What’s on the menu of flat fee services?

Many things that businesses commonly need: shareholder agreements, corporate maintenance and restructuring, service contracts for your business, customization of our templates, estate planning for the business principal, and more. 

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel at any point.

What if I still have questions?

That's easy. Get in touch:

Schedule a consultation
Call us - 250.837.4971